GTARC Sponsored Nets

Daily Net by Judy Dean, NB6J Time: 7:45 AM, daily Repeater: Keller Peak (KE6TZG) Frequency: 146.385 + PL Tone: 146.2

Simplex frequencies: 146.550 FM and 52.540 FM

Repeaters (W6GTR): 2M (146) Frequency 1: 146.805 (-600khz) PL 100 70CM (440) Frequency 2: 446.600 (-5Mhz)  PL 100 1.25CM (220) Frequency 3: 224.600 (-1.6 MHz) PL 100

GTARC sponsors several radio nets


Wednesdays 8:00 PM 28.360 MHz USB NCS
Ted Jacobson (N6ZO) Net Control


SSB Round Table – A casual round table net every Wednesday evening 7:30PM, just prior to the weekly 10 meter net. Frequency: 144.210 USB
Al Febraro (W6AAX)

Thursday 7:30PM 146.805 (-) PL 100.0 NCS

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GTARC Ideas (in no particular order)

Hunter & Fox: For each hunter, hunter location, bearing to fox. HQ performs triangulation.


Learn to program radio

Learn range of handheld

Prepare for an EMP

EmComm to use by city

Local GMRS radio (future)

Practice relaying messages

Practice dispatching at an Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Satellite practice (repeaters/internet)

Coverage map for repeaters

2-M J-Pole – March? Test in P.L.

CW Class

All Star – Everyone bring a phone

ISS-Satellite comms

T-Hunt/Direction finding – MVARC (Menifee Valley Amateur Radio Club)

Hot spot demonstration

Antenna representative

Portable & back up power presentation

New Ham, what they should have / know

Swap meet

WIN Link

Lido mounts

Coax discussion

Various antenna design – wire, mobile, base, counterpoise, etc.

Mini Field days

QRP set up/antennas/radios

PSK/digital comm.

Yaesu fusion, Dstar, DMR, etc.

Solar + battery set up + portable

Windshield surveys/ comm. Center setup

Camp out, overnight adventures

Community Service

Run Through the Vineyards

Diamond Valley Marathon

National Field day

Club picnic