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Cushcraft A3S SHACK ANTENNA SYSTEM (w/ 40m option), $600.

All 3 items to be sold together as a kit. The prices show how each item is valued toward the total kit price:
• Roof Tower (~ 6′) with Yaesu rotating guy ring and 10′ aluminum mast: valued at $115. Needs no roof holes drilled.
• Old, functioning, CDE Rotator and control box: $225 It has no markings on it except “H4 S1 July ­1979” stamped on the bottom – I am told it is a CDE Ham II.
• 10/15/20 Meter Cushcraft A3S beam *with A743 40m dipole option*: $250 I can’t guarantee that ALL the hardware is present, but all the specialized stuff is, and you can get most of the hardware at Home Depot or from MFJ/Cushcraft. The traps and antenna in general, worked great when last used and required no tuner for much of each band. I’ve labeled all the aluminum tubing segments for you, for reassembly. 

Info for reassembly & specs: 

A743 info:      

Phil Wells  AF6AV
Murrieta, CA, USA DM13
PHONE: 858-578-8255 or eMAIL:


1. Heathkit SB-630 Station Console, needs work-FREE

2. Radio Shack HTX-10 Transceiver SSB/AM/FM, like new- $80.00

3. Hygain 18AVT Vertical Antenna 80-10M, good condition- $20.00 SOLD

4. MFJ 931 Artificial Ground, like new condition- $70.00

5. MFJ-9428 20M SSB Low Power Transceiver with CW Option Card (not installed), Good Condition- $70.00

Contact George Frederick, AF6JT @

eMail: or Phone: (951) 834-2062 (text allowed)