Due to the CoronaVirus our in-person General and EmComm meetings have been cancelled for the immediate future. 
We are still conducting all our meetings online via ZOOM, but we are looking to resume in-person meetings soon. Meanwhile, it would help the club if you could continue to keep membership status current(see below).

Most recent Club updates:

2021 Field Day

This year GTARC has chosen not to sponsor our own ARRL Field Day event. It has been difficult to find a suitable venue due to the pandemic. Also, since the pandemic began, we have been concerned about decreased membership participation ….. But, we are now coming to a more socially inclined season. It is time for us all to leave behind our isolational ways, and get together, responsibly, and have a great time with our wonderful hobby and each other.

So, fortunately, the Menifee Valley Amateur Radio Club (MVARC), has graciously extended to GTARC an invitation to join with them at a wonderful venue for this years Field Day, on Saturday, June 26,2021, 8am-8pm, at La Ladera Park(click for Google Map). An RSVP will be required by Friday, June 18, 2021, if you want to set up your own HF station (limited space for ~3 more), or if you wish to participate in a BBQ/Potluck. If neither, we all hope you will drop by for any amount of time to say hi, see some cool Ham gear, and maybe learn how to, or participate in contest DX’ing,


GTARC is now able to receive online dues payments and donations. Please keep your membership current to support the website, meeting venues, and repeater (equipment and operating costs). via Zelle! Check our membership page for details.


Check the GTARC Calendar under the Calendar tab above.  All our Nets, Events and Meeting Information is updated regularly.  If you’d like an event posted send a request to gtarcw6gtr@gmail.com


GTARC Sponsored Nets

Daily Net by Judy Dean, NB6J
Time: 7:45 AM, daily
Repeater: Keller Peak (KE6TZG)
Frequency: 146.385 +
PL Tone: 146.2

Simplex frequencies:
146.550 FM and 
52.540 FM

Repeaters (W6GTR):

2M (146) Frequency 1: 146.805 (-600khz) PL 100
70CM (440) Frequency 2: 446.600 (-5Mhz)  PL 100
1.25CM (220) Frequency 3: 224.600 (−1.6 MHz) PL 100

GTARC sponsors several radio nets

Wednesdays 8:00 PM 28.360 MHz USB NCS – Duane Wheeler (N6DSC)

1st Wednesday 7:15PM  52.540 MHz FM Simplex NCS – David Shaw (KE6UPI)
3rd Wednesday 7:15PM  52.540 MHz FM Simplex NCS – John McDermott (KJ6UNC)


Thursday 7:30PM 146.805 (-) PL 100.0 NCS – Chuck Carriker (KM6UXR)

Don’t have a License or need help with repeaters? Go to Classes & Training

Recent Events


This was the first year that Werner and Sheri Vavken hosted our Field day event and it was a huge success. we had awesome weather, a 360 degree view and a great deal of contesting took place. there was 79 members and guest’s total who came up and shared in the great food, mentoring, contesting, …

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The following images are from the clubs Winter Field day event in January 2020 There was four of us who stayed overnight We managed 206 contacts, working 80M, 40M & 20M 42 states worked / 4 Countries A combined claimed score of 5,736 We used www.n3fjp.com logging software. Thank you to Phil Wells, AF6AV for …

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