Due to the CoronaVirus our in-person General and EmComm meetings have been cancelled for the immediate future. 
We are conducting all our meetings online via ZOOM.  See Upcoming Events below.

Most recent Club updates:
UPDATE on the 440 Repeater; it’s been back in service since Tuesday morning May 26th at 11:30AM. The TX final and relays blew, believed to be from a double energy spike at the hospital. There is now extra surge protection on the repeater.  Thank you Harry, Fred, Paul, David and Phil for your hard work in getting this issue resolved!
George Taylor, KJ6GT has volunteered to fill one of the two vacant seats on our Board of Directors.  George brings  a wealth of technical and EmComm experience and we look forward to his contributions.
GTARC is now able to receive online dues payments and donations via Zelle! Check our membership page for details.
On April 28, David Bever, EmComm Committee Chair,  presented the GTARC approved RADO certification Task Book via a PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation as well as a printable copy of the Task Book are available under the EmComm tab above.  The RADO certification process is very easy and many GTARC members may already qualify if they are RACES or ARES members.  The Board of Directors has approved the COMT, COML and INCM Task Books which are available under the EMComm tab as well.  
Both the new Monday 9:00 AM  440 and the Wednesday 9:00 AM 2M nets are designed to give club members a chance to try their hand at being NET CONTROL.  These low pressure nets are a perfect opportunity to get your Net Control requirement checked off for your RADO certification.  You only need to conduct two nets as Net Control to meet your RADO Net Control requirement.  To schedule your times to be NET CONTROL contact Alan Cook KG6TGF via Email for the 440 net or Paul Miller KI6ZZC via Email for the 2M net.  After one shot at being Net Control you will be an expert! 
Check out our two new GTARC Nets below:  

On March 31, 2020 Ray AJ6NY gave a fantastic online presentation entitled “Getting the Most Out of Your HT & Repeater Basics”.  If you are having trouble checking into our GTARC Nets, programming your radio for repeater operation or want to improve your signal strength while using your HT this is definitely a presentation you will want to review!  Ray’s online presentation was attended by 30 people via ZOOM.

Click HERE to link to the online presentation with interactive links.

Click HERE to link to the Video of the March 31, 2020 online presentation.

Ray can be reached at:  rla325@gmail.com

Our EmComm GTARC Net on March 26th had more than 30 check-ins.  Paul KI6ZZC was net control.  Paul went through our entire membership list and called out for each club member.  Once contact was made, each ham responded with their name, general location, type of radio being used, signal report and any traffic for the net.  We learned a lot on this net.  The first being the need for a Net Roster that is large enough for the average person to be able to read easily (available now under the Membership tab above).   We also learned that some of our members  had difficulty checking in due to technical issues including poor reception and repeater set up.  In response Ray Addington AJ6NY presented an online “Elmering Session” on March 31.  See above.

 Our March 24 General Meeting on Zoom was a huge success with as many as  28 people online participating!  Paul Miller KI6ZZC outlined his EmComm Net Check-in Part 1 event scheduled for March 26 at 7:30pm replacing our regular 2M Net.  David Bever N6ZND prepared an  interactive presentation on EmComm and presented an outline of how we could proceed as a club to become EmComm ready.  We recorded David’s  presentation  and  that video is now posted under the EmComm tab.

HarryPollak KJ6PCW’S  February presentation GTARC RADIO ETIQUETTE is also available under the EmComm tab.

 “Reality Rally” on May 16th 2020 has been cancelled.  The “Run Through the Vineyards” has been re-schedule to June 6.  The “Baker to Vegas” event has been postponed.

Weekly luncheons have been postponed until the situation improves. Judy Dean NB6J will let the membership know when our Thursday luncheons will resume.

Check the GTARC Calendar under the Calendar tab above.  All our Nets, Events and Meeting Information is updated regularly.  If you’d like an event posted send a request to gtarcw6gtr@gmail.com


 Upcoming Events By Date:

1.  TBD is the Chair of the  EmComm  Committee. The next EmComm Meeting has not yet been scheduled:

2.  The next General Meeting will be July 28. Online via ZOOM only. 

Time:   July 28, 2020 07:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

 Subject:   TBD

Every month on the Fourth Tue, 8 occurrence(s)

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Meeting ID: 738 410 683
Password: 482229

Join Us On The Radio

Daily Net by Judy Dean, NB6J
Time: 7:45 AM, daily
Repeater: Keller Peak (KE6TZG)
Frequency: 146.385 +
PL Tone: 146.2

Simplex frequencies:
146.550 FM and 
52.540 FM

Repeaters (W6GTR):

2M (146) Frequency 1: 146.805 (-600khz) PL 100
70CM (440) Frequency 2: 446.600 (-5Mhz)  PL 100
1.25CM (220) Frequency 3: 224.600 (−1.6 MHz) PL 100

GTARC sponsors several radio nets

Wednesdays 8:00 PM 28.360 MHz USB NCS – Duane Wheeler (N6DSC)

1st Wednesday 7:30PM  52.540 MHz FM Simplex NCS – David Shaw (KE6UPI)
3rd Wednesday 7:30PM  52.540 MHz FM Simplex NCS – John McDermott (KJ6UNC)


Monday 6:00PM  Mad Scientist Tech Net – 146.805 MHz FM (-) PL 100.0 NCS – Mark Harnetiaux, N6WBC – A great net for anyone who likes to build things, fix stuff or take stuff apart.  

Wednesday 9:00AM – 146.805 MHz FM (-) PL 100.0 NCS – Paul Miller (KI6ZZC) or other scheduled Net Control

Thursdays  7:30PM –  146.805 MHz FM (-) PL 100.0 NCS – Chuck Carriker (KM6UXR)

Following 70CM Weekly 224.600 MHz FM (-) PL 100.0 NCS – Harry Pollak (KJ6PCW)


Monday 9:00AM – 446.600 MHz FM (-) PL 100.0 NCS -Alan Cook
(KG6TGF) or other scheduled Net Control 

Following 2M Weekly 446.600 MHz FM (-) PL 100.0 NCS – Harry Pollak (KJ6PCW) 

Don’t have a License or need help with repeaters? Go to Classes & Training

Recent Events


This was the first year that Werner and Sheri Vavken hosted our Field day event and it was a huge success. we had awesome weather, a 360 degree view and a great deal of contesting took place. there was 79 members and guest’s total who came up and shared in the great food, mentoring, contesting, …

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The following images are from the clubs Winter Field day event in January 2020 There was four of us who stayed overnight We managed 206 contacts, working 80M, 40M & 20M 42 states worked / 4 Countries A combined claimed score of 5,736 We used www.n3fjp.com logging software. Thank you to Phil Wells, AF6AV for …

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